• Emerald Nova


    Emerald Nova is an ideal strain for an industrial hemp triple crop - for Flower (CBD), Seed/Grain, and Fiber.

    Recommend planting (or on rows) - 10,890 Seed / Acre using an Air Seeder implement and GPS driven tractor. Maintain weeds using mechanical cultivation. Harvest using a combine (if capturing grain) or chopper.

    QUALITIES - Auto / Early Finisher with Monoicous Characteristics (Hermaphroditic)

    1. CBD - Planted at 2x2, plants will grow 6-8' - can produce 1-2K pounds flower per acre.

    2. Grain - Approximately 30% of biomass weight is grain - which can be used / sold for viable seed for farming or pressed for hemp seed oil, for biodiesel production, etc.

    3. Fiber - This varietal will grow large plants in a short 90-100 cycle, producing a lot of as a valuable bi-product.

    -F3 Seed Corp